Class of 2015

class of 2015

Cri Boratenski, Victor Mills, Warren Rose, Lisa Cashel Janeway, Joyce Masyga, Jackie Mohr, Nancy Williams, Barbara Wingate, Laura Roberts, Susan Eagle, Mary Jo Reinhard and Blaine Going.  Not pictured:  Lori Joslin & Kayla Vella

Official Measurement awarding the World’s Longest Picnic Table!

Our 2015 Leadership Evergreen class made valuable business and personal connections and learned about local history, non-profits, education, political process, economic growth and development, natural resources, county government and much more to support them in their role as leaders.  They committed to not one, not two, but three class projects:

  • Adopt a Highway in Conifer from Barclay Road to Highway 285,

  • establish a 501c3 for future class projects, and

  • build the world’s longest picnic table to break the Guinness Book of World Records and donate the proceeds from the sale of the tables to local non-profits.  The picnic table project was completed in September 2016.

Dean D @ LE Ec Growth & Dev Module (2)

Dean Dalvit presenting at the Economic Growth & Development module

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