Class of 2019


Class of 2019 on the stairs at courthouse
Class of 2019 on the stairs at the Colorado Supreme Court & Court of Appeals
  • Bruce Anderson
  • Adam Bjelica
  • Valli Crockett
  • Kristi Franke
  • Rachel Haggett
  • Douglas Lee
  • Michael Marshall
  • Rachel Nicks
  • Stephanie O’Malley
  • Michele Robbins
  • Gwendoline Ryan
  • Sheree Teller
  • Lynn Westfall
  • Maria Wilson
  • Holly Worley

Class Project

Water Filling Station

In downtown Evergreen by the Evergreen Mountain Village property, this was built by this class who worked with EPRD, Evergreen Metro District and ELF to make this an eco-friendly way for locals and tourists alike to fill up their water bottles and allow pets to use the ground-level water bowl while visiting downtown Evergreen.

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Non-Profit & Community Participation Module

Economic Development Module

Law Enforcement Module