2017 Class Expectations

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The Leadership Evergreen program is highly competitive.  Acceptance into the class should be regarded with pride as there is a wait list for individuals who want to participate.  Every effort should be made to attend all modules in their entirety and all meetings related to the planning and execution of the Class Project.  Exceptions will be made only for situations beyond the control of the class member.


The class size is limited to 15 people.  Active participation among class members is highly encouraged for maximum results.  Each class will complete a group class project, leaving their legacy with both LE and the mountain communities.  This project may take one to two (1-2) years to complete and require numerous meetings.  Attendance is expected at project planning and project execution meetings unless excused due to circumstances beyond the control of the class member.  See “Class Project” below for additional details.


All modules must be completed to graduate.  If a module is missed, the class member will be responsible for completing a make-up assignment to the satisfaction of the module leader prior to the next scheduled module.  The make-up assignment should be one to three (1-3) pages long commensurate with the length and breadth of the module missed reporting:  1) knowledge of topic of module, 2) potential leadership opportunities in that area, and 3) a personal reflection on the interest of the class member in becoming a future leader in that area.  Each class member is encouraged to form a “buddy” relationship with another class member.  The “buddy” can be used as a resource for module content and provide handouts for reference. Classes that are not made up will result in failure to graduate.  A maximum of two classes may be made-up.  If the class member misses three modules, graduation will be delayed.


The Class of 2017 will be expected to collaboratively select, plan, and execute a worthy project to benefit the Foothills Community.  Some planning time will be designated in the Leadership Evergreen calendar; however additional time may be necessary.  It is expected that each class member actively participates in the selection, planning, and execution of the Class Project which could occur during 2018.  This expectation should be seriously considered as the Class Members select the scope of their Class Project.


One of the learning experiences for Leadership Evergreen class members is the ability to come to consensus on decisions regarding community issues, class projects and challenges presented in leadership development.  Respect of the values and opinions of fellow class members is expected at all times.


Unless otherwise noted by the module leader, dress for Leadership Evergreen functions is Foothills Community casual.


There will be some class modules that are held at local businesses and restaurants.  After the first mixer in January, no consumption of alcohol is permitted during the regular module program.  There will be designated social times following the modules.


Completion of class modules includes finishing a module survey.  After each module, the module leader will email you once the survey items for that topic have been posted.   Complete the evaluation as follows:  Go to www.Surveymonkey.com.  Sign in using the little sign in box in the upper right hand corner.  Enter user name – dnmnuchols@me.com.  Enter password – leadership1.  Complete and submit the survey questions.

PE 11-29-14

Revised:  MJR 9-20-16

Class Expectations 2017 – Click to open in a PDF

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