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Leadership Evergreen Class of  2021/2022 inquiries:

The Board of Leadership Evergreen has decided, with all the unknown factors surrounding the Covid virus, to delay the class until January 2022. If you are still interested in applying, please see below for a sample of the classes and dates that would have occurred in 2021. The new application and details will be available in late summer/early fall 2021. Email info@leadershipevergreen.org if you have any questions.


When the updated application is available, it can be emailed to info@leadershipevergreen.org or mailed to Leadership Evergreen P.O. Box 963 Evergreen, CO 80437-0963. Once the 2022 class info is updated, printed copies of the application brochure will be available at the Evergreen Chamber office and the Evergreen Library.




CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2019 on completion of the water refilling station in downtown Evergreen!!

L > R: Front row: Valli Crockett, Michele Robbins, Kristi Franke, Sheree Teller, Stephanie O’Malley, Bruce Anderson. Back row: Holly Worley & Maria Wilson.



L > R: Class of 2019 & LE Board & Evergreen Chamber
Kelly Haley, Betsy Hays, Bruce Anderson, Janice Kaup, Brenda Davis, Mary Jo Reinhard, Peggy Eggers, Sharon Trilk, Kate Bober, Michele Robbins, Kristi Franke, Sheree Teller, Holly Worley, Stephanie O’Malley, Maria Wilson, Laura Roberts, Eric Gill, Valli Crockett, Chris Davis





Congratulations to the most recent Leadership Evergreen Graduates:

Holly Worley

Maria Wilson

Lynn Westfall

Sheree Teller

Michele Robbins

Gwendoline Ryan

Stephanie O’Malley

Rachel Nicks

Michael Marshall

Doug Lee

Rachel Haggett

Kristi Franke

Valli Crockett

Adam Bjelica

Bruce Anderson



The Leadership Evergreen Class of 2019-2020 is excited to have the water filling station installed! 

The Class had to put its  project, “Keep the Green in Evergreen,” on hold due to COVID for several months this spring/summer. Their efforts to bring fresh water to downtown for both our residents and visitors has become a reality!

                                    THANKS TO ALL OF THE

                                  DONORS AND SUPPORTERS!

Click here for Facebook page updates.



The Class of 2017 had a wildfire danger sign built on Evergreen Parkway in 2018. Due to hazardous weather conditions, a truck hit the sign in 2019 but the rebuild is complete!

Thank you to Steven at Brook Forest Stone & Landscaping and Todd at Zuni Signs for the build and re-build! Thank you to Rotary Club of Evergreen for funding this project in the beginning!



Leadership Evergreen (LE) is a non-profit organization that connects people within the Evergreen, Colorado area and surrounding mountain communities in a dynamic way. Since the first graduating class of 1996, there have been over 100 graduates of the program and that number continues to grow.

Class of 2013 Ribbon cutting for signage at Evergreen Lake

The purpose of LE’s year-long module structured program is to broaden community awareness, strengthen leadership and team-building skills, and to engage our graduates as proactive community participants.

From executives to homemakers to area newcomers, LE’s program is encouraged for anyone who wants to learn more about the unincorporated dynamics of the mountain community … how we are governed, how decisions are made and how to make a difference, have a voice and become involved.

Classes are held every two years beginning in odd numbered years. Class members have the opportunity to connect and develop new professional and community relationships, and unite together to create a class project that benefits the community. Past class projects can be found under the ‘LE Gives Back’ tab.

Class of 2015 Guinness Book of World Records – World’s Longest Picnic Table

Classes are typically limited to 16 or less people to ensure cohesiveness and participation.  Applications for our upcoming 2021 class will be available in late summer/early fall.

Please explore this website or contact us to learn how you can participate in an upcoming class, become involved with the organization’s class sessions, or join the many local businesses and organizations who support the area’s emerging community leaders.


Class of 2017 Hero’s Day project

“Being a born and raised Evergreen, Colorado native, I love my hometown
and all the groups that I’m involved in, especially Leadership Evergreen.
It is the greatest way to give back to my community.”
John Ellis

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