Leadership Evergreen was inspired in 1993 by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce one-year leadership program, “Fifty for Colorado.”

Leadership Evergreen

Using this model, Evergreen leaders Andy Petrick and Linda Kirkpatrick, both graduates of “Fifty for Colorado” collaborated on the benefits of offering a similar program in Evergreen and they introduced a small scale equivalent leadership program in 1994.

Presenters Linda Kirkpatrick and Barbara Sternberg give historical information on Leadership Evergreen and the mountain area at our 2015 class orientation.

An executive team of local community representatives was formed to develop the curriculum modules and to develop the new Leadership Evergreen program.  Initially under the wing of Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce, the program was designed to encourage individuals to participate and understand more about the inner workings of local government, including unincorporated Jefferson County, Special Districts, and how other organizations make things happen in our Mountain Communities.  The first official class began in January 1996.

Leadership Evergreen is now a stand- alone entity and continues to be a highly respected leadership program. Governed by a rotating Board of Directors, many whom are program graduates, the Board plans the curriculum bi-yearly for each new Leadership class. Class participants experience lessons in the community’s economics, governmental oversight and broad range of community and professional services, taught by qualified professionals in their fields of expertise.

Leadership Evergreen grooms its participants, through leadership skills and team building, by encouraging each class to put forth a legacy class project and/or have involvement in our mountain communities by working together to build a pathway for the future.  Not only does Leadership Evergreen develop strong active leaders, these individuals have a broader understanding, respect, and commitment to our history and culture.


“As a 38-year resident, I was amazed how much I didn’t know about Evergreen. Being a part of Leadership Evergreen was a real education – and an eye opener! It is surprising how much goes on behind the scenes to keep a town like Evergreen running smoothly – and surprising how easy it is to take those things for granted. Leadership was a great opportunity in so many ways – but the education on my hometown and surrounding areas was the most significant benefit for me.”

– Beth Adams

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