Hero’s Day Project

On February 14, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit was recognized for their tireless contributions to our mountain community.   As part of the Leadership Evergreen 2017 class project to honor area 1st Responders, local residents provided lunch and Valentines Day/thank you cards for the K-9 Unit humans, and many treats and toys for the dogs.

The K-9 Unit is used in high-risk situations such as building searches, tracking suspects or lost individuals, and discovery of concealed narcotics and explosives. JCSO currently has German Shepherds trained to detect narcotics; a Belgian Malinois trained to detect explosives; and a bloodhound for tracking and cadaver searches.   Malinois K-9 Thorn (on right) is by far the best looking and most impressive K-9 in the unit.

‘…We were overwhelmed by the show of support and generosity the [community] group displayed towards us.   It is heartwarming and comforting to know we have people who are behind us…’ said Deputy JJ Smith.

The next Hero’s Day event will be at Evergreen Fire Rescue on March 26, 2018 at 7pm.

For information and/or participation, please email herosdaycolorado@gmail.com.

Hero’s Day – An Appreciation of our 1st Responders

What would you do if you heard the sound of gunfire?  What would you do if a bomb exploded nearby? Your instincts would tell you to run; run as fast as you could in the opposite direction, right?

A 1st Responder runs towards the gunfire.  A 1st Responder runs towards the explosion and into the fire.  They are heroes.  They need to be thanked.  They need our thanks!

The goal of Hero’s Day is to show appreciation to a different 1st Responder agency each month.  These organizations are selected from Jefferson, Clear Creek and Park Counties.  Agencies range from sheriff’s departments, fire and rescue, EMS, 911 dispatch operators, Alpine Rescue, Flight for Life, K-9 unit, and more.  Some of these agencies have paid staff.  Many rely heavily on volunteers.

Leadership Evergreen’s Class of 2017 kicked off its inaugural event on Monday, January 8th.  They honored the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit, a group of approximately 27 men and women who have gone through a 300 hour sheriff’s training academy.  They volunteer their time and talents to help the sheriff’s office deliver its day-to-day law enforcement services and to assist during emergencies.  Reserves are given a variety of assignments: bicycle and mounted-patrol duties, crime scene security, crime-prevention presentations, detentions and civil operations, patrol and law enforcement duties, along with many other duties.

“Thanks so much for what you all did,” said Sergeant Richard Fleming, JCSO Volunteer Services Coordinator.  “It was fantastic and very much appreciated.”

The Leadership Evergreen class donated items pre-determined by the Reserves to be on their “wish list.”  Items included water bottles, sports drinks, granola bars, hand sanitizers, hard candies, trail mix, cheese and crackers, beef jerky, sunscreen, hand warmers, stuffed animals and $5 gift cards to Starbucks or Subway.


In a selfless act, continued Fleming, “Just so you know, after you left we talked it over as a group and the gift cards will be given to our Victim Advocates Unit as well as some of the stuffed animals.  They will be able to make some of the victim’s day by providing them these items.”

How can you help?  It could be as simple as writing a thank you note.  From speaking with various 1st Responders it is clear how important a ‘thank you’ is and how seldom it is received.  Valentine’s Day cards will be available at Seasonally Yours and at the Feb 3rd Boogie at the Barn for the public to write thank you notes inside of them for the K-9 Unit.

Each month a Signup Genius email will be sent out customized for that specific Hero’s Day organization.  You can choose to sign up and donate needed items or you can choose not to.  Simply ignore or delete the email.

Leadership Evergreen welcomes and encourages participation from school groups, Scouts, churches, and service organizations like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Elks.  Can you envision a sack of thank you notes being dumped overflowing on a table in front of a well-deserving group?  What an awesome sight!  Please help make that happen.  To be included in the Signup Genius email, or for questions or more details on upcoming events, please email:  herosdaycolorado@gmail.com.

September 15, 2018 Genesee Fire and Rescue Open House

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